The Cursor and the Like

Photo by Dan Fraser

The Cursor hovers uncertain

over the Like

touch me said the Like

what are you waiting for

there are so many he’s thinking

if I like them all

will my likes mean anything

if I click on you he says to his Like

will that mean you are my favourite

what about the others 

oh touch me touch me

the Like pleads

but the Cursor hovers uncertain

what does it mean

should there be a Love button

Note: This nearly came out as a comment reading poems on my blog Reader a couple nights ago. It was getting too long so I wrote this – touch of humour? I try to add a comment to a Like because I know I much prefer receiving comments.

7 Replies to “The Cursor and the Like”

  1. I’m always wondering, hovering over the likes/loves/wows etc, how they might be taken. I think you’re not alone in this!🤓


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