The on and on

Photo by Dan Fraser

The deliberate act of movement 

through space and time

the dance of breathing

in the next and next of loving

and all its needs

the losses and the gains

without measurement or touch

of hand or eye

the on and on of journeys

in the dusty clouds of lost

confusion and beginning

these are names we give

to living

in the not quite yet

and gone so soon

the thrumming in the heart of it all

A candle lit

Photo by Dan Fraser

A candle lit

is a flicker of light

a hundred candles

brings light

into a dark place

a thousand candles

is a beacon from a distance

a million candles

cannot create the sun

the sun is a flicker of light

in the universe of god

The ovens of light

Photo by Dan Fraser

There are no flames burning

in the dusty hearth 

a different kind of heat

rises and falls in the breath of time

old fuel consumed

eyes are climbing

in the hidden hills of love

a different kind of love

that rises stronger

baked in the ovens of light

Keep my fire engine clean

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

I try to keep my fire engine clean

you never know 

what your needs will be

words seldom raise 

more than smoke

but the journey can pass 

through dry leaves 

and broken bushes

I try to keep big tanks 

of water ready

and my fire engines clean

Golden cup

Photo by Dan Fraser

The sky cracked open

and a hand reached out

with a golden cup of tea

I drank the tea

but it wasn’t the kind

that brought the answer

to a simple question

of geography

and mathematics

how many times

and in what direction

is the leaky boat drifting

in the phantom wind

Personal night

Photo by Dan Fraser

Is this some kind of art

throwing the colour of words

at the canvas of my dreams

seeking the doorway to morning

gradually they coalesce 

into clouds full of questions

blown across the skies

of my personal night

The yellow to the green

Photo by Dan Fraser

Photo by Dan Fraser

I didn’t bring the yellow

to the green

I didn’t paint the portraits

on the leaves

I didn’t know that water

turns to music over time

the ancient cedar trees

are listening

but they didn’t bring the yellow

to the green

Home to myself

Photo by Dan Fraser

I have surrendered

to the love of oceans

and their warm embrace

I have looked the moon

in the eye

rising in green mountains

and the colour blue

I have been broken 

into wholeness

at the cold wet end

of rocky trails

and come home to myself