Forgiven for loving
when anger was the owner of the sky
forgiven for living
when endings fell in frightened rain
forgiven for being
when pieces broke up pieces into pieces
forgiven for open
when closing pulled the tears from stone
forgiven for silence
when distance was the measurement of touch


The great fear

Photo by Dan Fraser

When the great fear comes

I turn my eyes away

and force it down

into the never empty box

but pushing down is a kind of rain

that gives nourishment to grow again

my great fear is not of dying

it is of living

The illusion of choices

Photo by Dan Fraser


Unforeseen consequence of breathing

failure to attempt to lift the planet

wobbling on its knees

opening eyes wider and wider

seeing less and less

the measuring equipment

seized with rust and ice

tossed into the rolling ocean of existence

crushed by the illusion of choices

seeking joy hands up

sliding down the ski slope of the heart


When I moved into empty

the place that sends me poems

lost my address

so I wrote this note

to let them know

there was someone still awake

in the void

The puzzled angel of perfection

Photo by Dan Fraser


The puzzled angel of perfection

posed with impatience

on the transparent floor of reality

and blasted me full in the face

with a universe of truth and beauty

knowing I must respond

with all the love that could explode

through cracked eyes of impossible yearning


I’ve been carrying a trunk

full of anchors

balanced on my head

I can feel them shifting

coming loose one by one

but if I let them go

if I lose them

will I float off untethered in space

how will I navigate

among a million stars

a million miles away

The bus ride

I thought I was in a transit system

so I bought a ticket

but I never left the bus

I kept hoping

the next stop would be different

would be better

but at every stop

the same world was waiting

now I’m looking for the bus to peace


I listen to my friend

tell me a story

he has told me several times before

it’s one of his favourite stories

he listens to me listening

then I tell him the story

I told him last time

it’s one of my favourite stories

I listen to him listening

we have other stories

friendship can be like this

or we can sit in silence