The face of love and time

My thoughts are leaking

from the broken air

the soft damage was done

without sound or touch

something much larger

rolled like a mountain

through my blink of time

the damage was done

while my eyes stared

straight ahead

and did not see

The waterfall

Photo by Dan Fraser

A small waterfall flows 

over the edge of my mind 

it has been flowing

from the beginning of everything

when it comes to an obstacle

it goes around and over

with no stop or pause

this morning I considered

turning in a different direction

a stray thought 

while the water flowed on and on

over the edge of my mind

Ask me a question

I’m looking for a good question 

so I can answer it 

I have many answers

ready to go

as long as they don’t begin 

with why

I do have some other questions

that have no answer

none at all

they all begin with why

The newsreel

The roll and the flicker of days

comes in and out of focus

like an old newsreel

the colours are washed out

yellow and brown

the voices with mock seriousness

describe events

like they had any importance at all

it could be the story

of someone’s life

like mine

Like a lot of my poems, this arrived last night. I look at it and wonder where that came from?

The will of stars

Photo by Dan Fraser

Stumbling about this morning

with the wreckage

of an old body

I contemplate submission

to the will of stars

to the maker of stars

to the mission and the mood

of oceans

to the maker of oceans

The face

Photo by Dan Fraser

I was given this face to wear 

for the journey of this life 

most days I call it my own 

and make it the best that I can

other days I look in the mirror

and wonder who that is

at the end of the journey

when I meet the giver

I hope I can explain how I lost it

somewhere along the way

I don’t think anyone else 

can wear it

The other side of now

There is a figure waving

from the other side of now

there is a sweet pain gripping me

more than I allow

there are silent footsteps leaving

from the question mark of right

while the patient wings of love

are flying into light

Our crows

We have two resident crows

at our house

when I speak to them

they understand me

do you

World traveler

When I tell you

I am a frequent traveler

between worlds

I am not speaking of astronomy

what is a world

what is my means of travel

when I return from the inner stars

I am not speaking of astronomy

if when I greet you

I say you live in outer space

this is not about astronomy

perhaps we will meet 

if I make a landing in your world

are you a student of astronomy

Words in the air

I don’t remember 

the exact words or the room

or the date and time

but the words continue

to hang in the air

perhaps they will fall

by their own weight

and bring down the wall

they created