I was the key

Photo by Dan Fraser

I came from the country

where the door to true

was locked

and no one had the key

it turned out I was the key

but I didn’t know

I tried many other keys

but they weren’t me

and I didn’t know

the roads were all downhill

and ended in a cliff

that only I could climb

but I didn’t know

now I see the steps

and every one is mine

there is a fine mist at the top

but the sky is clear

and the view is mine


Photo by Dan Fraser

Nothing in this world

is more important 

than everything

and everything is energy

or God or love or the ocean

there is only one ocean

hello drop

you are everything

Music of the mountains

Photo by Dan Fraser

Photo by Dan Fraser

If you call me by my name

I will hear you

if you look into my eyes

I will see you

if you hear the music

of the mountains dancing

into the sea

I am with you

and the waves are laughing

at our feet

The door opened and closed

Photo by Dan Fraser

If the door opened and closed

without a sound

has a visitor arrived

how could you tell

is it me who occupies this space

looking in the imaginary mirror

I see a very long history

many people I have been

with those eyes

when I look at you

is it you I see

if my visitor was a poem

who could speak

could these be his words

Music playing

Photo by Dan Fraser

The music is reaching

for the bottom and the top

of sound

the center or the edge 

of here and gone

hope and hunger

sweet rain and dust

the strings are searching

for the balance of it all

Lecture of stars

Photo by Dan Fraser

There are no doctors

in the hospital of my heart

my veins are running

through the streets of my thought

the big pump is driving rescue

to the valves of my needs

the IV is hooked up to the sun

in my prescription

while the doctors complete their studies 

in the starry lecture halls of love