The age of the cell phone

Photo by Dan Fraser

I have a magical device
in my hand
when I touch a spot
with a fingerprint in the dark
it springs to life
and connects me to the moment
of the world
when I lay it down
I remember the smile of leaves
the patience of cedar
and the length of rain
I feel the hunger of the night sky

Walls and doors

Photo by Dan Fraser

Walls move back and forth
like doors
restless in the desert
and smoky winds of old desires
why do they burn
so hard and so long
before they disappear
leaving the hunger shifting
back and forth like doors

Stars may die

Stars may die

before I lift up my eyes

and see who you are

or I could discover now

that you are the bright star

in my heart

The kind question

The kind question to ask
the stranger
who has arrived in your mirror
is not who are you
or why have you arrived
before me
with my eyes and face
it might be
have you remembered
my name
the true name of who I am
which you have forgotten
so many times before