The fence post

I caught a fence post

giving me a dirty look

this morning

I didn’t know what to think

I suspect he’s telling stories

about me to the other posts

none of them are true

I might have to reconsider

my relationship with fences

who can you trust

Grasping the cherry

Grasping the cherry

in the bowl with your teeth

did you win the cherry

or the bowl

is the prize for the purpose

or pursuit

are you the catcher

or the caught

when you reach the place

that you always longed to go

are you the target or the taught

Endless night

I have a love hate relationship

with the night

sometimes my body is soothed

and nourished

in the soft quiet darkness

other times it trembles and shakes

and reaches out for something

that must be ever disappearing

over the hill into the future

where is the heat and light

and comfort

in this endless night

The dream again

Light flows down

from the where house pole

like a glowing solid

silver waterfall

against the black night sky

in the blink of time

I fly through the grasping

hands of fear

there seems no escape

as I reach higher and higher

for the rest and safety

of the always waiting branch

in the tree of love


Walking to the bus stop

this morning

I passed a man

without a face

he must have forgot

to put it on

maybe he’ll go back

and get it later


Breathing in and out

walls flow back and forth

form curves and squares

long and short

colours change bright sunlight

to soft sadness

dreams move

in the breath of time

painfully slow racing fast

I long to wrap those walls

around me like a blanket

and be at home