Winter morning

Photo by Dan Fraser

It’s dark before eight o’clock

on a winter morning

then gradually the vague sky appears 

grey with uncertainty

and doubts

maybe a wind will break out

some blue

and sunrise will bring

some golden streaks of hope

for another slow starting day

The golden ditch

Photo by Dan Fraser

Moving swiftly 

down the left hand side of nowhere

you can fall in love

with the golden ditch

you have never lived in

what’s the next day

that’s not today 

you keep asking

are we there yet

no we’re not there yet

we’re still looking

for the golden ditch

we fell in love with

Green and blue

Photo by Dan Fraser

What if we cannot agree

on green and blue

how lost is the beginning

if it cannot find the end

what can you see

with your eyes closed

do you remember

a different kind of light and sound

can your hands tell you

the shape of true

is life what’s in between

is there something else

Wall no walls

Photo by Dan Fraser

What if there were no walls

and the pretence of shapes

and the sounds of meaning

were lost

the control of living

in a private bubble of your life

how comfortable to swim

in just one ocean 

where the tide of beings

rise and fall like breath

I come home

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

My house is bigger 

than the moon can circle

my ocean has no tides

to live up to

my body is thinner

than the air can see

my eyes are longer

than a string of stars

I come home

with everything and nothing

in my hands

Stone of fortune

Photo by Dan Fraser

You might want to turn over

the stone of fortune

and see what scurries underneath

could it be tiny golden crabs

racing from the reach

of your curling fingers

you might flip stone after stone

wet from the carefree toss

of sea water

trying to catch

what can never belong to you

or anyone else

Cliff jumping

Photo by Dan Fraser

The interesting part 

of cliff jumping

is definitely not the landing

I will gamble that the chance

of transforming butterfly-like

with a flash of wings

is greatest in the moment

before the impact

The on and on

Photo by Dan Fraser

The deliberate act of movement 

through space and time

the dance of breathing

in the next and next of loving

and all its needs

the losses and the gains

without measurement or touch

of hand or eye

the on and on of journeys

in the dusty clouds of lost

confusion and beginning

these are names we give

to living

in the not quite yet

and gone so soon

the thrumming in the heart of it all

A candle lit

Photo by Dan Fraser

A candle lit

is a flicker of light

a hundred candles

brings light

into a dark place

a thousand candles

is a beacon from a distance

a million candles

cannot create the sun

the sun is a flicker of light

in the universe of god