The chair of night

Photo by Dan Fraser

A single grey cloud

in a very dark sky

I must be awake

although the sun cannot find me

pinned to the chair of night

what my eyes can see

is long and thin

and points to a moment 

in my hand

I try to release the hunger

in the fingers of my heart

but it is locked here with me

in the chair of night

Special delivery

Photo by Dan Fraser

Special delivery

the package says

you do not remember ordering it

but it is in your hands

is it what you dreamed of

so many times

so long ago

your hands are trembling

you do not want to open it

you think you know what it is

what will you do

it’s in your hands

Living in the puzzle

Photo by Dan Fraser

Whatever it is you lost can go

you’re still here

if you can’t answer the question

that’s okay

you’re still here

there is always a reason

for gratitude

you’re still here

we’re still here

what was the question


Photo by Dan Fraser

Sometimes the bright lights

and the loud voices

of success

don’t compare well

with the soft murmur

and gentle touch

of failure

whose failure is it anyway

The crooked tree

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

Does the wind make a tree

grow crooked

or does it lean in the direction

of its thirst

the rain knows the way

to the ocean

you can’t make an appointment

for joy

when children ask

are we there yet

they know the answer

The gift of breath

Photo by Dan Fraser

So many ways to unwrap

this precious gift of breath

in the forest of leaves

every colour that your eyes

can imagine

or the scent and sweet song 

of the tiny birds

with their bright wings

that flutter so swiftly

in the air of morning sun

New one

Photo by Dan Fraser

When we hear the signal

we will all slide down the tunnel

into this world

what a shock it must be

coming from the music

and the love and light

into all the needs

of this helpless body

what did we forget

do we have to learn it all again

Crash landing

Photo by Dan Fraser

There was a crash landing

when my past ran into my future

without a flight plan

all the pathways leading away

turned out to be circles

going back to the start

I looked for stations

that could pump air 

into the flat tires of my dreams

I followed a flickering light

into the forest

that brought me to this place

where I belong

which I never left 

The tower of secrets

Photo by Dan Fraser

I keep a tower of secrets

buried deep in ice

I’m sure I put it there

more than once or twice

there was nothing more

to say

so I locked the door

and threw the key away

a bubble rising

to the surface of forget

may be a lesson

that I haven’t swallowed yet

some things cannot be

in air

that’s the reason

why I put them there