Lover of god

If I claimed to be

a lover of god

and offered as proof

that I performed

certain correct practices

at regular intervals

in the privacy of my home

would you be convinced

would you be inspired


Is there a balance to be found

between the sparrow and the ground


is there laughter in the cloud

for the lonely in the crowd


is there a path that you can take

from the broken and the fake


to a place you can remain

within the love and not the pain


does it lie beyond the wait

can you reach beyond the fate


will there be anything to choose

when you have nothing left to lose


Is information answers

or questions

are words longer

than the afternoon sun

is the waterfall swifter

than the hawk in flight

what is the distance

between thinking you know

and knowing you don’t

can you imagine the joy

of falling through space

hands open trusting

in the cradle of the wind


The two of spades

My wife playing solitaire in bed

has lost the two of spades

it might be in the bed

I could be sleeping

with the two of spades

my mind in turmoil

sees the collision of stars

the collapse of buildings

the two of spades

how can I sleep

The fence post

I caught a fence post

giving me a dirty look

this morning

I didn’t know what to think

I suspect he’s telling stories

about me to the other posts

none of them are true

I might have to reconsider

my relationship with fences

who can you trust

Grasping the cherry

Grasping the cherry

in the bowl with your teeth

did you win the cherry

or the bowl

is the prize for the purpose

or pursuit

are you the catcher

or the caught

when you reach the place

that you always longed to go

are you the target or the taught

Endless night

I have a love hate relationship

with the night

sometimes my body is soothed

and nourished

in the soft quiet darkness

other times it trembles and shakes

and reaches out for something

that must be ever disappearing

over the hill into the future

where is the heat and light

and comfort

in this endless night

The dream again

Light flows down

from the where house pole

like a glowing solid

silver waterfall

against the black night sky

in the blink of time

I fly through the grasping

hands of fear

there seems no escape

as I reach higher and higher

for the rest and safety

of the always waiting branch

in the tree of love

More than enough

When I have the urge

to express myself to you

in three words

you need not speak

it is enough that you

accept my love

as earth needs water

and water needs air

it is more than enough