January morning

Photo by Dan Fraser
Riding by on my bike 
on a cool January morning 
I see single running shoe 
abandoned in the ditch 
there is a story there
I will never know it
I passed a children's daycare
in the playground
a young girl is singing
full volume no restraint
twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are
there is no connection 
between these two stories

The one ocean of being

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

If the air were alive 

would it take you 

in its loving arms

when the slim branch of your hope 

broke beneath the heavy weight

of your thinking 

if the waters were also living

would they welcome you

sailing with the loving winds

to your home 

in the one ocean of being 

Winter morning

Photo by Dan Fraser

It’s dark before eight o’clock

on a winter morning

then gradually the vague sky appears 

grey with uncertainty

and doubts

maybe a wind will break out

some blue

and sunrise will bring

some golden streaks of hope

for another slow starting day

The golden ditch

Photo by Dan Fraser

Moving swiftly 

down the left hand side of nowhere

you can fall in love

with the golden ditch

you have never lived in

what’s the next day

that’s not today 

you keep asking

are we there yet

no we’re not there yet

we’re still looking

for the golden ditch

we fell in love with

Green and blue

Photo by Dan Fraser

What if we cannot agree

on green and blue

how lost is the beginning

if it cannot find the end

what can you see

with your eyes closed

do you remember

a different kind of light and sound

can your hands tell you

the shape of true

is life what’s in between

is there something else

Wall no walls

Photo by Dan Fraser

What if there were no walls

and the pretence of shapes

and the sounds of meaning

were lost

the control of living

in a private bubble of your life

how comfortable to swim

in just one ocean 

where the tide of beings

rise and fall like breath