Lecture of stars

Photo by Dan Fraser

There are no doctors

in the hospital of my heart

my veins are running

through the streets of my thought

the big pump is driving rescue

to the valves of my needs

the IV is hooked up to the sun

in my prescription

while the doctors complete their studies 

in the starry lecture halls of love

Wrinkled dreams

Photo by Dan Fraser

I counted all the zeros

I could find

every one a floating balloon 

of hope

I take a pin and pop them all

one by one

until the ground is covered

with a carpet

of wrinkled dreams

I go there with my bag of hope

and struggle with the connection

of love and pain

Shadow on the floor

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

There is a shadow

on the kitchen floor at night

I am the shadow

I hear the sound of empty

on the kitchen floor at night

I am the sound of empty

there is a hungry wind

blowing across the kitchen floor

I am the hungry wind

there are words unspoken 

on the kitchen floor at night

I am those words

Pill dispenser

Photo by Dan Fraser

With my weekly pill dispenser

I open the door for today

and shake the pills

until the right one comes out

any others have to be put back

sometimes I’d like to shake

the door of my house

and see who comes out

if it isn’t me

anyone else would have to be put back

Glass elevator

Photo by Dan Fraser

Going up and down

in the glass elevator of life

when all the walls and floors

are clear glass

what is it that you cannot see through

how can you tell

which floor is yours

when you run your fingers

over the smooth surface

of the walls and floors

and the glass door opens

where will you go

can you follow your fingerprints

back to the moon

The surprise of words

Photo by Dan Fraser

Without the surprise of words

it will be time

for the exceptional colours

in your dreams

and the loud knocking

of the sun’s knuckles

on the glassy surface of your eyes

to propel you through 

the pulsing jungles of your night

with the strong hands of love

into the need for light and air

you cannot wait for choosing

this is your time