New growth

Photo by Dan Fraser

On our walk in the woods

this morning 

I see tiny green leaves

appear next to and above

their slightly darker green


between my thumb and finger

they are soft and moist

to a gentle touch

new growth

Pause before living

Photo by Dan Fraser

There is a pause before living

the breath of time

where I roll and turn

and jump into the cloud

of what we see

I become lost in those waves

but the tides and gravity

bring me back

with round and loving words

to find my way into the pause where I live

The moment

Photo by Dan Fraser

Do you remember the task

that you took on at the beginning

can you identify the first step

of that journey

the moment of the breath

what is this world we live in

you and I

The hallway to sunrise

Photo by Dan Fraser

Walking down the hallway

to sunrise

through which window

which door

will I find it today

it seems to be always arriving

and always leaving

like the warm heart of love

and the cold hands of time