Swift crow world

Photo by Dan Fraser

Walking in the forest

I have considered the language

of crows

they have so much to say

is there a course offered

in the very early morning

who could teach it

do they talk about us

a comment perhaps

observed in a corner

of swift crow world

7 Replies to “Swift crow world”

  1. Hi Dan. Lovely to see you around. I love this. Poem and I love crows. They are so intelligent. Just such wonderful birds. Hope you and your lovely wife are doing well.

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      1. Dan, did you ever write your poetry book called “Pain”? If so Icwould love to read it.

        I am hopeless at following blogs now,cwith being totally blind, or fibding my way around other people’s blogs. Icwasvtrying to look theough your blog the other night tocseenif you ecer didbthose pens. Are there any of them on your blog?

        Life here iscso hard nowadays asxwe have deteriorated, but Ivreally reallycwant to knowbif youcwrotevthat book.

        Take care Dan, Lorraine


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