Little hands

Photo by Dan Fraser

I’m an old guy riding my bike

in the neighborhood

bright yellow safety vest

and grey hair

coasting down a long hill

gazing to our green mountain

and blue sky

when I notice a young father

standing beside his adorable

little daughter 

with her pink dress and white hat

she is holding up both arms

and waving enthusiastically

with her tiny hands

she calls out a greeting hello

as I glide by


Words in your pocket

Photo by Dan Fraser

Were there words

in the pockets of your mouth

that you carry with you

in case you wanted to try

to say something

that there really are no words

to say

maybe you could find

a language

in the flowing of your body

or maybe it’s in the distance

to your eyes

The poems voice

Photo by Dan Fraser

When you speak

I am startled by the images

and sounds

of who you are

when I blink you are gone

but when I listen

there is humming in the distance

My life as a giant cedar tree

Photo by Adrienne Fraser

Tales from my life

as a giant  cedar tree

eight hundred years

with the tickle of wind

the passing touch of sun

and the constant search for water

eight hundred years

patience I tell myself


Pulse of Time

Photo by Dan Fraser

Adding his voice

to the dialogue of the world

he could hear his heart 

beating in the veins of time

as he walked

down the road of his life

feeling the love flowing

from the heart of the world