A glimpse of joy

Photo by Dan Fraser taken yesterday

Soaring and floating 

high above the trees

like the eagles 

with mountains and ocean 

in the distance

I catch a glimpse of joy

A sigh of wind

I live in the careful comfort 

of shadow

longing for the opening of windows

and the movement of sunlight

through restless fingers

like the ending and beginning

of a sigh of wind

Baggage to burn

Who am I now

who was I then

do I have to do it all again

Was there something 

there I had to learn 

some baggage that I had to burn

Am I waiting

for a sign

am I running out of time

Sweet shadow

There may be something sweet

under the shadow

you reach out with your hand

but even if you know what it is

you can’t find it

you know the taste

like you know your skin

you have to lift the shadow to see

but only light can lift the shadow

your light

Oliver Woods

Photo by Dan Fraser

The approach of the laughing

orange and green children

of yesterday was celebrated 

by clever small birds 

that darted here and there 

for no apparent reason

they didn’t need one

as the soft wind ruffled

feathers of tiny birds

branch to branch with no effort

Oliver Woods playground in the morning

The compulsion of keys

Photo by Dan Fraser

Is it the compulsion of keys

that keeps the precious in boxes

small enough to hide

while the fear of loss hovers

like a tight fisted lover

what is it that you cannot bear

to be without

is it the gem of who you are

that leaves you ruled

by the key and the box

and the fear

Lend a hand

Photo by Dan Fraser

You lend a hand 

there is a root attached 

you give your heart 

there is a root attached

you give your love 

it’s free

The face of love and time

My thoughts are leaking

from the broken air

the soft damage was done

without sound or touch

something much larger

rolled like a mountain

through my blink of time

the damage was done

while my eyes stared

straight ahead

and did not see

The waterfall

Photo by Dan Fraser

A small waterfall flows 

over the edge of my mind 

it has been flowing

from the beginning of everything

when it comes to an obstacle

it goes around and over

with no stop or pause

this morning I considered

turning in a different direction

a stray thought 

while the water flowed on and on

over the edge of my mind

Ask me a question

I’m looking for a good question 

so I can answer it 

I have many answers

ready to go

as long as they don’t begin 

with why

I do have some other questions

that have no answer

none at all

they all begin with why