Photo by Dan Fraser

In the moment before

the words are spoken

there is a gestureĀ 

a whole world of possibility appears

waiting to be born

no one knows the namesĀ 

or the leafy green hills

windows reaching for the sky

looking back from tomorrow

the free choices flow

in trembling blue waters

over steady rocks

into the gathering pool

of the personal future

a pathway to a dream

Remember and forget

Photo by Dan Fraser

Compare the terrible fear 

of lost memory

to the great blessing of forget

(and forgive)

a flame flickers and calls

through the mist of mirrors

while the scratch of time leaves 

tiny marks on the rock of now

Wednesday in forever

Photo by Dan Fraser

It’s Wednesday in forever

and the daylight goes on and on

something is turning

I can hear the dark gathering

on the other side

tomorrow is a rumour

growing steam with every breath

who am I tomorrow or today

passing the ducks

floating on the still pond