What the heart does

Photo by Dan Fraser

The heart loves as it does

leaves fall to the ground

the wind blows

trees grow in the sunshine

and the rain

Maybe it’s partly living near forest but I am always drawn to leaves and feel the great pattern. So we continue?

The riddle of meaning

My prison has air conditioning
and skylights
it has high ceilings
and all the space you need to dream
in fact it is a dream
I was sent here with the riddle
of meaning
there are many large mirrors
I search them every day
for any evidence that I am here

The book of fear

Photo by Dan Fraser

Some days the top of the world

is blue and sun brings light

but still branches shed 

and wind blows

the book of fear turns into an elephant

and won’t leave the room

then the top looks grey

while years and hours move on 

The way to empty

I have not found my way to empty

so much still swims and crashes 

in the ocean within me

there is the memory of mountains

in the green and blue world

leaves reflecting sunlight in the wind

the hearts that grip so deep

they cannot be released

motion and stillness flow together

in the long river into full