What is the news today

What is the news of the world today

Is the sun naked or dressed in clouds

Are the trees breathing life in and out

Does the river flow fast with song

Or slow with doubt

Do voices speak of their pain and fear

Or the neverending need for love

What’s the news of the world today

A single step

I have known great sorrow

And great joy in my life

I have been lost

In the long days in between

I have struggled to climb the mountain

And stared the moon in it’s face

I have known failure

And fallen into the deep wells inside

I have again seen the mountain

And taken a single step

The clear light of darkness

In the clear light of darkness

I am drawn to the maps

Of where I am

I touch satellites

And rise above the trees

The rocks and water

Of where I am

I follow the lines of connection

In the count of breathing

I seek the lines in the time

Of where I am

There are no broken lines

There is only one line

I follow the lines of my blood

The connections between us

I explore with my various eyes

Inner and outer, the circles and straight

The lines of connection

The unbroken lines