Nothing to say

Photo by Dan Fraser

I’m not sure this is really a poem but I haven’t posted much in the last weeks, months… I felt like giving a bit of an update. What I call the Poetry Delivery Service seems to have taken time off


Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say

So I stop writing

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say

But I go ahead and write anyway

Sometimes it will be worth writing

Sometimes not

Sometimes I feel like I keep writing

The same poem over and over

Darkness mirrors doorways

Windows light connection reality

Illusion and of course

All about love

Over and over

I’m breathing

That’s what I do





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The ocean over my shoulder

Photo by Dan Fraser

My questions stand by themselves
and only glow a little more brightly
when I ask them again and again
my eyes are a hundred feet long and sore
from looking around too many corners
and through too many walls
the light is silent in God’s corner
the ocean whispers over my shoulder
I listen from a thousand miles away




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The twisting creek

Photo by Dan Fraser


The voice comes out of silence

With a roar

It laughs and cries and whispers

As if water, racing and standing

Over cold stones

Of every shape and size

The twisting creek of my life

Brought to celebration

In sudden rain

This is my voice

As I climb and slide

Reach and lose

Reach and rise


From the journals of Rutherford Park, my magical place





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