Glorious Angels

adrienne card december 28 redo photos arrowsmith media-19103105093963433927..jpg

Photo by Arrowsmith Media

With this post I want to introduce you to my wife’s wonderful angel blessing cards. They are the realization of a long time dream. These cards are photographic images of 48 angels that she has painted over the years. Every one has a  unique blessing which she has created. Here are some examples of the blessings:


“You are a beautiful soul. Rejoice in the love of angels, freely given, yours to claim.

Open your heart to healing grace, knowing that you are infinitely precious.

Let loving angels remind you of truths that you already know.

We are spiritual beings, come to this world for a time. Let your heart feel this truth, which your soul remembers.

These angelic blessings are a reminder that the spiritual realm is within us.
We need only be still for a moment, to hear the echo of angel voices in our heart.

We are always accompanied on our path.” Adrienne Bouchard Langlois


Please have a look and if you like what you see and want to share the link with your friends that would be wonderful!






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