Glorious Angels

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Photo by Arrowsmith Media

With this post I want to introduce you to my wife’s wonderful angel blessing cards. They are the realization of a long time dream. These cards are photographic images of 48 angels that she has painted over the years. Every one has a  unique blessing which she has created. Here are some examples of the blessings:


“You are a beautiful soul. Rejoice in the love of angels, freely given, yours to claim.

Open your heart to healing grace, knowing that you are infinitely precious.

Let loving angels remind you of truths that you already know.

We are spiritual beings, come to this world for a time. Let your heart feel this truth, which your soul remembers.

These angelic blessings are a reminder that the spiritual realm is within us.
We need only be still for a moment, to hear the echo of angel voices in our heart.

We are always accompanied on our path.” Adrienne Bouchard Langlois


Please have a look and if you like what you see and want to share the link with your friends that would be wonderful!






Joy of rain

Photo by Dan Fraser

Sometimes the gardener plants people

where they don’t seem to belong

there isn’t enough water

and the soil is spread too thin

over rocky ground

they still reach for the sky

and their roots search down deep

for the nourishment they need

you can see while most of their leaves

are still green

some patches are bare and twisting brown

but even in the dry wind

they never stop trusting the gardener

and the joy of rain


Photo by Dan Fraser

Breathe in

a lifetime

breathe out

a lifetime

so many breaths

so many lives

sunlight on green leaves


Photo by Dan Fraser

Sometimes as darkness arrives

I ask myself

do I have the courage for this night

sometimes as the light returns

I ask myself

do I have the courage for this day

sometimes when I look in the mirror

I ask myself

do I have the courage for this person

Turning in the wind

Photo by Dan Fraser

What does it mean

to be turning and turning

leaves in the wind

you stay in one place

but the place is moving

wrap your being around

whatever you can hold

you come out with questions

legs and air eyes and rain

branches lead to bodies arms to heat

lights point to answers

turning and turning in the wind

The store

Photo by Dan Fraser

I went to the store for joy

the price was either too high

or too low

they asked me if I had a gift certificate

What the mirror said

Photo by Dan Fraser

The mirror says

I am a shadow of myself

the window says

I am what I see in the world

my voices say

I am listening to myself

the doorway tells me

I am a journey to myself

the sky tells me

I am the edges of myself

the wind tells me

I am a shadow of myself

Follow the crumbs home

Photo by Dan Fraser

He left a trail of voices

so that when he was speechless

he could follow the voices

back to the source of sound

He left a trail of feelings

so that when their voices called

he could follow the feelings

back to the source of heart

He left a trail of endings

so that when he felt their pain calling

he could follow the trail of hunger

back to the needs of source