Masks and bones

Photo by Dan Fraser

All the masks and faces fall

and fade

all the lures and hooks lose

their lustre

there is no explosion

only the hiss of air leaking

from the tires of life

old bones wear new clothes

till even the clothes grow old

different eyes see different lights

and move on

scarred of living

tired of trying


Photo by Dan Fraser


I went to the big city

to have my heart stopped

they also started it again

apparently that was all I needed

now where can I go

to have my life stopped

and started again

is this what I need



Connection creates separation

Photo by Dan Fraser

Connection creates separation
when you measure the distance apart
to raise and lower bridges
you must have two sides
for the river to flow between
when the winds are blowing
they come from somewhere
and go to somewhere else
empty creates full
hunger is never satisfied
you cannot fly if you won’t let go
of the ground

Seven ounces of nice

Photo by Dan Fraser

When I gave you seven ounces
of nice
I expected seven ounces
in return
six and a half?
you know I was not happy
in fact I was angry
where was my half an ounce?

Note: I wrote this poem in 2009


Photo by Dan Fraser

A diversion takes your attention

away from an overwhelming task

a walk uphill in every direction

toward a goal become blurry

with the colour washed out

as time crawls on

a diversion could be entertaining

for a while


Fire and ice in the heart

Photo by Dan Fraser

Fear is the grip of fire and ice
in the heart
the trembling numbness of an invisible wall
from the hot blood beating in the arms
of a loving world
restore me to the sunshine
of those open eyes
there is another side to everything
I know
I’ve seen it
I am that other side
the other side of love is fear
the other side of peace is anger
the other side of one is two
the other side of now is then
fear is the grip of fire and ice
in the heart