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img_20181207_180313325577923711995704.jpg47353104_519283471904587_6138855786203316224_n.jpg (763×960)

This installation is composed of two parts:
Prayer flags featuring images of people from around the world.

A tree assembled from branches, on which are placed 220 pictures of people, animals, elements from nature, and objects of human accomplishment.
The objective of this work is to illustrate that people the world over share similar emotions, hopes and dreams. It is an invitation to reflect on our common humanity, on the oneness of life and all earthly phenomena, and on the need for humankind to live in harmony with nature and all living beings.

Prayer flags have long been used to promote peace and compassion, by means of sacred texts printed on cloth. It is believed that, as the flags flutter in the wind, blessings are sent to all peoples.
The flags created for this installation were made using images from many countries, to draw attention to the similarities between people of various cultures. At first glance, we may focus on differences in physical appearance and clothing. However, as we look more closely, we see that all of the parents and grandparents hold their little ones with the same tenderness, and that the children smile and play in the same joyful way.

The pictures on the Tree of Love are framed within a heart shape, a universally recognized symbol of love. They are made of paper, ribbon and reclaimed materials. Their ephemeral quality reflects the vulnerability of the Earth and its inhabitants.
The many subjects represented show the multitude of things that touch the human heart, the great diversity and beauty in nature and in society, the commonality of human needs and aspirations, and the loving bonds between animals and their young.
Brilliant colours lift the spirits of the viewers, as their messages of hope and peace are sent out through the gently moving ribbons.
It is my dream that this installation may inspire the creation of other expressions of peaceful intentions, in various forms, large or small, and that each one may serve to inspire more and more, until the sky is filled with messages of love.
May these manifestations of goodwill help to create community, with participants of all ages trusting that their kind wishes will be felt across vast expanses of land and sea, and that they will blossom and bear fruit, in the universal language of the heart.

Adrienne Bouchard Langlois 2018

The top half of the above image shows my wife’s installation.

Dan Fraser

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