Photo by Dan Fraser

I find the fewer words I say
the more room there is to speak

the less I struggle
to change the world
the more freedom I have to act

the fewer breaths I take today
the more remain for tomorrow

the less I work to be
who I want to be
the more I can be who I am

a new person rises every morning
I check to see if it’s me


Photo by Dan Fraser

Yesterday was a gift

all of it

the breathing at three am

the space in between

today is a gift

all of it

sun through the trees

sparkling light on the blue waters

tomorrow is a gift

all of it

The interesting part of cliff jumping

The interesting part of cliff jumping

is definitely not the landing

there is no perfect colour

for passing swiftly through

the downward rushing air

turning around and around

will press the lack of reality

deeply into your twirling eyeballs

I have been gambling

that the temperature for transforming

butterfly like

from the steaming heat of ignorance

is reached just before the moment

of impact

Love and fear


I have allowed fear

to control my life

out of love

and an inexplicable need.

The fear is not all mine

or all hers or yours.

It is the love that sustains


So we make this journey


my love and fear

towards our destination

where we will separate

into love

which is all there is