Healing of the heart

The failure of words

is not a failure of breathing.

Climbing the tree

does not give you fruit,

only the promise of taste.

Speaking does not solve

the problem of the world.

Healing of the heart

requires new birth, new breath, new words,

and a climb to higher branches

with the promise of the sweet taste

of love.


A circle is not the answer

or the question

finite reason is not a colour

or a prayer

or the force that makes birds fly

in the hidden summer darkness

they do not escape

they go where they must go

I do not see the beginning

or the end

only the flicker passing

across my blurry screen

I am not a witness

this is my play


The faculty of forget

Sometimes I respond

to the paralyzing grip

of the shadows in my life

by encouraging

the faculty of forget

then all the things that

come from nowhere

can return to nowhere

and leave me struggling

to hold the here and now

as it slips between

my fumbling fingers


Speaking to the clouds

in my mind

I take each word

and lovingly tip them

over the edge of my tongue

into the void

where they vibrate forever

and disappear

Source of light

Photo by Dan Fraser

What is the source of light

in the window

is it the hidden moon

or the halo in my eyes