I have seen a doorway made of light

it opens only to let light pass through

every day I practice turning myself

into light so I can pass through

sometimes the doorway flickers

shrinks and swells like the breath of stars

sometimes it appears to be a smiling face

with bright eyes of love

Crows on a fence post

Crows on the fence post

sing poetry

to the feathers of their love

beaks with boundless hunger

search the fields of raw desire

surrounded and within

endless changes songs of same

the gift of ending

Escape from fear city

I lived in fear city

but I didn’t know the name

fear city shrinks and grows

each minute of the game


You shrink it grows

it isn’t on a map

but you are already there

locked into the trap


The air is hard to breathe

at the thinning edge of start

the molecules of free air

become so far apart


The fog of fear can swallow

all your parts but not your whole

you can’t escape the breath of fear

while struggling for control


Dream #17

Because of the smile

of the hunter in the darkness

and the sound of turning

twisting and reaching

for the haunted fear

gripping the pounding vessels

of his heart

he leaped suddenly

into the black waterfall cascading

over the cliff of chance

into the deep cool rocky waters

of the escape he desperately needed

Fear city

I lived in fear city
but I didn’t know the name
every day I asked people
but they were afraid to say
or they didn’t know
fear city is both shrinking
and growing every minute
you shrink it grows
you can’t find it on any map
but you are already there
when it starts to shrink
the air is hard to breathe
it gets both thicker and thinner
at the edge of time
the molecules of free air
become so far apart
and the foggy drops of fear
can just swallow you whole
it’s hard to breathe in fear city

I built a house

I built a house

below high tension

power lines

you could hear them hum

especially at night

there were world wide studies

the people who lived

in that house could not sleep

they could hear the hum

I am that house


Startled love

I have known the flavour

of passing sideways

through rooms without doors

I have tasted the salty fresh air

flying into the smiling face

of the sun

yesterday mirrors fall from my back

in star tickled time

as my fingers reach for the future

holding startled love

in the untouched early morning


The twenty first century of forever

Sometimes I see the world

as a slow motion shipwreck

a centuries old vessel

wind and weather driven

every day there are the rocks

the darkness the angry voices

total destruction a possibility

but not today

the future changing giant waves

the rocks the jagged rocks

every day no closer to shore

while patient sharks prowl back and forth

hungry for the feast of ending

today tomorrow millennia

the twenty first century of forever



Note: This poem started from my addiction to “the news”. I stop watching TV and I find it on the internet. Got to let it go!