I carry a deep well

of anger inside

I’d be much lighter

without it


I am addicted to fear

I can never let it go

I’d be much lighter

without it


I do not admit to the greed

that hides in my dark corners

I’d be much lighter

without it


I am attached to the world

with invisible threads of desire

I’d be much lighter

without it


I yearn for a freedom

that flies in the flame of love

I will be much lighter

with it


What is the attraction

of running water

creek or river

ocean tides

is it the sound or the source

the destination

or the movement itself

or is it the echo

of a different kind of water

running through the center

of my being


In the complicated world

I inhabit and create

a (rare) moment

of simplicity passes

so quickly

tuesday three am

There is no song

There is no song

in the saturday of my heart

the difference between defects

and perfection

seems lost in red eyes

in the dark

rolling mountains have ground

me into here

answers have lost their questions

somewhere blue and green water

flows singing over cold stones

between long living wisdom trees

is this a memory of the future

or shifting vision of the past


I thought it was going to be

different on the moon

admittedly the view is good

but the air is so thin

and there is no one to talk to

to listen to my lies

I was sure they were true

until the mirror caught me

I did exaggerate about flying

to the moon in my pajamas

I would have preferred the beach

but it was winter in my heart


Light and dark are coins
that jingle in my pocket
while the electric hum
of a thousand voices
roars within my head
the mystery of it all
jingles in my pocket
I toss a coin into a day
the other in the night
where will they land                                                in light and the consuming cast                          of questions                                                             or dark and the soothing comfort            of pain


Two thousand and seventeen

was a good day to whisper

and gradually disappear

into the reason

for my destination

I kept turning and looking

for directions

but it didn’t change the speed

of my arrival

I am here now

I can start again

silence is awaiting

my next disappearance