Lions in the carpet

Lions in the carpet

shadows whisper

what they know

in the corner

questions in the doorway

answers have failed

no one in the window

can explain

the sunlight on the trees

a pilgrim on the carpet

with the lions

and the questions



The silence

observes my entry

into the apparently empty room

gathers a thousand tiny bits of darkness

and drops them gently

over my searching eyes


Nothing good comes

from mirrors

many studies have shown this

to be true

I know

I’ve done them

take a look for yourself

the proof is obvious


There is an ache

of not being there

there is an ache

of being here

a child is laughing

but I cannot hear

a child is loved and held

but not in my arms


The last new thing

When was the last

new thing created

this second

or never

when was the last thought

never thought before

this second

or never

when was the last

original poem written

this second

or never


I sent

my entire message

in the space

between the lines

if it is received

I see it in the eyes


Where did you put your spaceship?

What would you do

if you misplaced your spaceship

how would you make your meeting

on the moon

how embarrassing

you could trot out your story

of alien star rayes

no one believed it last time

get your mirror proof suit on

and find that damn ship

you didn’t leave it open

at the fly in coffee shop

by the old volcano did you