Shifting prisms

in my eyes

reflect the skin

of all the people

I have worn at times

on this journey through stars

searching for the being

flickering through the prisms

in my eyes

The choice

What if you were given the illusion

of a choice

in which you leapt off the rocky ledge

of a very high cliff

to claim the promise

you gave yourself as a younger

and wiser person

before the unexpected turns

of life brought you

to the puzzling person you appear

to have become

the other possible result

of your brave illusion of choice

is that you could continue

falling and falling

through the imaginary space

you created with no end in sight


Once around the who and what

twice around the maybe

three times with an if and but

fourth has fought with fears of not

five has up and flown away

six is still together

seven sitting on a rock

eight has reached the edge

nine is caught and lost in time

ten will do it all again


The lion and the moon

Something different came

from the old lion

the young ones looked

uncomfortably at each other

that voice was not going to

bring down any prey

this was the powerful proud lion

that used to attack what they knew

was beyond them all

now he’s asking where

does the moon go

when it disappears

into the flaming edge of sky

thats the time for hunting

said their bright eyes

they all knew that



I have been in the habit

of escaping

I do not need to set limits

such as I won’t escape

from Sunday

I won’t escape from him

or her or that

I have fled them all

do not look for me

among the boxes of life

waiting by the door

you will not find me

I have escaped