Words will not save

the darkening sky

thoughts will not nourish

the parched dry earth

despair will not turn back

the surging tide


This morning

I missed the bus

and had to take a taxi

to the kitchen

the one who makes breakfast

is moving very slowly

I think when I check my email

I will unsubscribe the world

it’s a grey day

The dragon

In the story the dragon

of anger and fear

belching smoke and fire

swallowed the world

but the next day

he had to spit it back out

you can have too much

of a bad thing


The theatre opens

The theatre opens

and the automatic customers

file in

there is a ruffle and crunch

of excitement in the air

the feature today

includes a passionate exchange

between the dead people

their batteries are charged

they look like real humans

they breathe and talk

no one can see where they plug in

every night

they’ve been doing it for years

they’re good at it



I dreamed that ants

were dancing on the golden crown

of the ruler of the world

they believed they were taking a break

from writing the laws

of the land

no one told them they were too small

and they couldn’t write

you are what you believe

                                or not

Bah bah jump shout

Bah bah jump shout

spin around and round

they call this life or living

feels like crawling on the ground

I take my tea and Tylenol

and hide under the table

I’ll be singing I’ll be laughing

as soon as I am able