The afternoon of life

In the quiet shade

of the afternoon of my life

I knew I had been lying to myself

about this part

there is no comfort or joy

in abandonment and withdrawal

the task must always be done

though it cannot be completed

there is a lost harmony

between the unspoken voice

and the moon and tides of yearning

for what you need today

and what you thought you had

but lost yesterday

though it was never in your grasp







Rainbow colour

scenes of life


across the screen


a name here

a face there

a voice of longing

eyes of fear

change the channel

hands up

into the light of day

Humpty and horses

Why did you go up

on that wall she said

to the collection of ill fitting

bits and pieces beside her

glue everywhere

it didn’t look like humpty

or the king’s horses

or any other crazy stuff

was going to glue this mess

together again

why did you go up there

she asked


Minute leaves hung

in the time tree

restless in the breeze

of forgotten ambition

some a rich green

quickened in truth

and a gentle shower

of yearning

they did not know

or expect

they might one day shuffle

in the dry wind below

with the crushed

and disappointed hopes

of hours of days of years


in the sun of born

and the night of gone

The river

I don’t know the source

of the pulsing river

flowing through my veins

and out my fingertips

sometimes I hear the roar

of waterfalls

cascading through the bending

rapids of my knees

but the small boat sailing

from the center of the lake

cannot be allowed to sink

everything depends on that

All the kings horses

All the king’s horses

were unravelling

like stuffed dolls

cooked in broken clay ovens

their yearning threads

reaching for the spicy glory

that was theirs when life

had shape and meaning

like a calloused hand

gripping faded driftwood

washed up on a beach

in a forgotten desert



When I showed you

my latest poem

you said it looked good

and especially  this line

then you took a silver fork

scooped it up and ate it

mmmm you said

I was shocked

then line by line

you consumed

my entire poem

and it was gone

delicious you said