The flat can bend

the circle grow

the end can be the start

I cannot ask for anymore

together or apart


I check my body

I check my body

no bleeding

it’s a good sign

I am more than alive

I check my breathing

it continues steady

another good sign

I am more than alive

what will the day bring

more than pain

more than breathing

don’t be greedy

don’t stop loving

it’s a start

Strength and Resilience

”When you look at a tree during a storm, you see that its branches and leaves are swaying back and forth violently in the strong wind. You have the impression that the tree will not be able …

Source: Strength and Resilience

This is a timely message for my wife and I. Many storms. Maybe the roots could even get stronger? But damage is done. Separate the real from illusion? Ongoing…

Dangerous thoughts

If my thoughts were wild animals

that roamed around with me

everywhere I went

people would say

hey – don’t bring that pack in here!



Five minutes from forever

There is no escape

five minutes from forever

is as close as the moon

everywhere I look

I am already there

dragging around a broken body

while the hourglass runs

five minutes from forever

A cure for pain

If I went out naked

in the rain

do you think I’d find

a cure for pain

if I stayed behind

and bowed my head

do you think I’d be

a step ahead

I do not see

an end in sight

but I cannot lose

I cannot fight

I just keep going

on and on


I reach the dawn

Mirrors of fire

How can there be
such a crushing sense of loss
for something I never had
the right to something I cannot own
the illusion of being someone
I was so certain I was
a comforting delusion so dear
to the heart
shall I start right away creating
another fond image of who I could be
how long before it too blows up
in a fiery blaze
I know somewhere within me
lives a loving and wise person
when that voice speaks
how will I know it is mine
I am haunted by mirrors of fire

Shred the past

Page after page

the past goes through the shredder

in grinding complaint

emerging in long thin strips

of meaningless information

bc ferries greyhound bus

serious coffee

where do the records of the heart go

silent screams in the dark

joy discovery pain parting

despair and disappointment

when do they become meaningless

strips of information

from leftover files of life