The fizz the pop and crash

I’ve been the fizz the pop and crash

I’ve been the anger and the dash

I’ve been the blue the black and red

I’ve been alive and nearly dead

I’ve been the word I’ve been the mouth

I’ve been the heat from west of south

I’ve been outside inside out

I’ve been the blood upon my doubt

I looked and found and lost

I gave my body for the cost

I’ve had the thunder and the rain

I’ve had the love and then the pain


A house of words

If I relocate to a house

of words

I will have to look for warmth

and comfort

from imaginary sources

and sounds

I will want to lure companions

with some kind of flesh

how will I give the address

to this house of mine

I will use my best words

Eyes in the moon

There is drumming in my heart

and song in my ears

but I lost my arms of wings

leaping into the moon

on the path of stars

the dreams of loss and fear

won the night

now the end of things

and the birth of new

face each other in the mirror

they turn to me full of questions

but I lost my eyes in the moon

The Fixer

If your relationships are broken

and your toes are gripping the abyss

you should consider The Fixer

his record is unblemished

zero in a thousand no exaggeration

he has an uncanny grasp

of the inner working of the heart

and mind

there is no situation he cannot complicate

with unforeseen results

lifelong damage angry explosions

instant icebergs

give him the opportunity he has earned

he wears the smile of peace and bliss

that can be yours when you adopt          

his deep and farseeing grasp of the universe

you can have it all

you can lose it all

don’t hesitate

Bright eyes six years

Six years on an aging planet

dancing through the class of time

bright eyes she barely touches

the ground

sings the song of new life

love and joy in every bouncing step

where is the horizon she cries

that’s where I’m going

and beyond and beyond

Do you (Epilepsy )

Do you think in the next minute

or the minute after that

you might have a sudden swirling

humming electric internal tornado

come surging forth

and swamp your brain

and boot you right into tomorrow

do you wonder if in the next moment

or the next

you might be asking

why am I lying on the floor

do you think the hypnotic twirling

buzzing music playing in your brain

will just go away in a few seconds

like it did last time

and the time before that

do you

Anger and anger


Anger and anger are dancing

to the music of love and pain

he says her anger

is what makes him angry

and she says the same

such is the music of pain

Careful arrangement


A careful arrangement

of words on a page

la de la de da

blending just the right amount

of pain

later I’ll come back

and add the meaning

you’ll love it