Hallowe’en Howl

We were surprised to encounter a Hallowe’en tradition in Nanaimo’s Old Town. It occurs on the Saturday before Halloween between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm. We went to a restaurant we had discovered on a previous trip to the Old Town, called Bocca. It is located at the end of Fitzwilliam Gate, funky little alley with attractive shops. The family groups started at the other end of the lane and came by us in droves at we had our delicious lunch. A very cute little girl dressed as a clown was right across the window from where we sat. I got out my phone take a photo. Ask permission first, Adrienne exclaimed! She heard us and smiled her permission. The various costumes were a constant entertainment. Groups of young children came in the front of the restaurant. Boy they are going to get really busy we thought. Then the Bocca girl came around with a big stainless steel bowl full of treats. There was lots of smiles and laughter as they picked their candies and chocolate bars. The time, between noon and 2:00 makes it a perfect safe time for small children. After our lunch, as we walked down toward the harbour we could see that all the stores in Old Town were prepared for trick or treaters. What a nice tradition.

What’s next magic man

wp-1476883977736.jpgIn the dream a man proclaimed
in a loud and strong voice
the dream is over
so I got up and walked to the kitchen
where there was a taste of juice
cool and sweet
then the pain came back
and something fell
another man was starving
beside an empty lake
between the cracks in broken sleep
I wrote this down
what’s next magic man

I cannot explain the pain

I cannot explain the pain

of midnight   

or the strength of the late sun

or how a day began trembling            

with the lost balance

between the heavy cost

of life’s wrong choices

and the inevitable lesson

of the illusion of free choices

My friend mister pain

Day by day I go with my friend

Mister pain

sometimes I want to send him away

but we are connected

when he rises up and grabs me

I turn to my other friend

Mister pill

and we have a dance

Mister pain and mister pill and I

Mister rest calls me

but my friends will never

let me go

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder

why I’m here in this world

so I start moving around

doing things familiar things

and hope it will come to me